Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trip to Phnom Penh - Part 3 (conclusion)

Woe betide! My hubby wanted to go to yet another next museum! I started getting irritated. I got to get some retail therapy in, otherwise I start shivering just like an addict going cold turkey.
Mu hubby relented and off we go to the famous Russian Market. The market is quite big and made me confuse as where to start my attack. After a long walk around the place, I managed to buy a piece of silk cloth. My hubby could not contain his displeasure and forced me to buy about a dozen more of the stuff. “Biar berbaloi lenguh lutut”. So ‘bagaikan orang mengantuk disorong bantal’, I got on with the job. The prices here were really cheap!
Next, I got more than a dozen painted lacquer boards, a few semi-precious stone bangle, some scarves and table runners for my mum and siblings. We spent about 4 hours walking round the place which was not enough for me. And all my hubby got for himself was some old coins….
That night I didn’t talk much, still upset because tak puas lagi shopping. My hubby had to bring me to the Russian Market again the next day. After all the shopping, I felt my trip to Phnom Penh was complete.

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