Friday, April 17, 2009

Trip to Phnom Penh - Part 1

The journey to Phnom Penh took a mere 2 hours, similar to a trip to Kucing, Sarawak. We had a taste of how expensive petrol is in Cambodia compared to Malaysia. A litre here costs about RM3. The taxi fare to the hotel costs USD9. And that for a distance of 9 km. Imagine having to pay USD80 to get from KLIA to KL!

We stayed at Holiday Villa, a hotel designed by an architect friend of ours. The halal food at the hotel was comforting. We had fusion Cambodian-Western food that night. Cant be having kueh tiau or roti canai here…. Wouldn’t be right.

That night we ventured out on a hired tut-tut, though being warned by the hotel staffs not to do so. No regrets there. The night sights are amazing. We passed through lighted memorials, lighted bars, illegal casinos, public grounds (yes, they really know how to lepak) and the riverside where there’s even a joint here showing documentaries of the insanities of the Pol Pot era.

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