Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mak Tok's Seventieth Birthday

This morning, most of our siblings, spouses and children gather at Tropicana. The occasion: Mum’s 70th birthday. By 11am, the florist came through the door, almost breathless. The reason: he was carrying a potted bouquet of 70 roses. They came in 2 colour colours: pink and red.

We recited the Yaasin and had catered lunch afterwards. Of course, Kak Long showed her skills at preparing ‘sarang burung pudding’ and cup cakes. Mak Tok (as mum is affectionately called) helped prepare the pulut kuning herself and of course the famous rendang daging preparation was supervised by Kakraja herself.
Mum was delighted with the gifts she received. Among the gifts she received were perfume and a watch. Hopefully, Mak Tok will be sporting her new jogging shoes tomorrow.
Being the ever grateful human being that she is the phrase ‘semoga Allah murahkan rezeki awak’ is never far from her lips, whenever she receives any gift, no matter how small it is. I know I’ll miss those words. I can’t imagine ever losing her. I really love you mum. It comes straight from deep inside of my heart. You’re the greatest mum in the world! And you are one of my best friends as well.

Here's one from Ayu for mum:

God created a wonderful Mother
A Mother who doesn't grow old
Who has a smile of golden sunshine
And a soul of pure gold
In her eyes, He placed a bright shining star
And her heart with unconditional love
God made a wonderful Mother
And we are blessed that wonderful Mother is ours


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