Thursday, May 28, 2009


Last Sunday, we had a gathering at our house. Managed to gather about 40 family members from ages of 2 to 70. Even our Busu and family from Malacca managed to drop in. Just a long overdue makan suggested by my DH.
To fulfill his suggestion, I have to import the special Chef from Tropicana to help out in the meal preparation. Mak, and Kak Long stayed the night before so that we can go to the Pasar Tani early the next day, the menu already decided by Mak earlier. MIL came early Sunday morning to help out in the kitchen.
The menu was a mixture of kampong and contemporary styles: asam pedas ikan parang (mum’s killer recipe), siput sedut lemak cili api, ayam goreng berempah, lala rebus serai, ikan goreng, sayur campur goreng, nangka masak lemak, cendawan goreng tepung, ulam jantung pisang, pegaga, pucuk gajus and sambal belacan.
It was also a time for catching up on the latest happenings. We even had a surprise cake to celebrate my younger sister Net belated birthday, courtesy of Aqlan, our brother-in law.


  1. ngah, it's such a wonderful day with those scrumptious food and all......

    pity kak net, her bday cake came without candles....

    p/s : anak sape yg comeeeiiiii tu, yg pakai orange short pant tu? heheee.....

  2. ye la,lupa nak inform Aqlan kan.

    kalau comel tu, anak buah i la tu. ha..ha...

  3. bestnya asam pedas ikan parang..kecurrr