Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two Sides of Raya 1430H

Sad Part of Raya 1430H
Today, house no. 49 became so quiet, desolate and despondent. A sudden feeling of emptiness shrouded our abode. Reason: No more jerit pekik and usikan from anak2 teruna i. Sent off ‘abang’ to KLIA. He’s going back to Saitama, having tried his best to put off his flight date so that he can spend extended time with his famiy. ‘Adik’ left 4 days earlier. Being a soppy mum, it was hard to fight off the tears.

Jubilant Part of Raya 1430H
We really had a great hari raya this year because the children were back, unlike last year when we missed the gathering by just a few days. Back then, they had to leave for Saitama and Liverpool to catch the beginning of their study term.
This time round, anak2 ada, lega sikit. Ada pembantu kat dapor. An added bonus, was, this year, my mum and most of my siblings celebrated Raya at my house on first Syawal.
Prior to that, we even got some travelling in, before and during puasa time. Got to do the Putrajaya lake cruise, went up Fraser’s Hill for a couple of nights and even took time to see the volcanoes at Tangkuban Parahu.
To top it up, I even got an ‘Ali Hobo-line’ handbag from DH.


Cousins and brothers

At Laksamana Cheng Ho Restaurant

At Tangkuban Parahu, Bandong

Raya gathering at no. 49

Captain and crew

Putrajaya Cruise

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